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mission statement
Ashiane, a Persian word that means home, is commonly used to describe a nest and symbolically a safe heaven, a pivotal place where life can flourish. Ashiane, Inc. is a non-profit tax-exempt organization assisting needy mothers and children in Iran. Its main purpose is to provide a safe and secure home for children by lending a helping hand to their mothers, who often bear the responsibility of the household.

In Iran today, millions of single mothers are struggling to provide a home for their children. Some have lost their husbands in the 8-year war with Iraq and others were abandoned when their husbands migrated elsewhere in search of a job. And many have simply become the widows of social problems, primarily drug addiction.

Sadly, the plight of these mothers directly affects the lives of their innocent children. The poor and deteriorating economic condition of the country makes the burden for single mothers even greater and the result is in many cases the separation of the children from their mothers and siblings. Ashiane believes that the key to a child’s sense of security and survival lies in one word: Home. Once a child has been forced to live outside the family nucleus, he/she becomes more likely to continue on a destructive path rather than lead a normal life. Ashiane’s efforts are focused in preventing the breakup of the family, the separation of children from their mother. Ashiane is dedicated to protect this nest by assisting further the family to stand on its own and come out of the vicious cycle of poverty.