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For Ashiane to succeed, we seek able hands and warm hearts to assist us in our. We invite you to enter the circle of giving by participating in the effort to secure a nest for a family in despair. By giving to Ashiane you are building your own homes, if not of bricks, but of warmth and love and courage.

You can help our work in Iran by encouraging your family and friends to get involved with the work of Ashiane. Although we currently operate mainly in Tehran, a number of the families that Ashiane has reached are outside the capital. To extend Ashiane’s activities beyond Tehran we need volunteers who will be able to identify families in need, help them to contact Ashiane and follow up with the families after they become part of Ashiane’s circle. Another important way to help Ashiane’s families in Iran is with ideas regarding job creation and employment opportunities there.
Contact our Tehran office: tel: (21) 891-4621 or 22,
e-mail: iranashian@yahoo.com

The women’s center is involved in five different financial activities as well as a savings and credit groups. We are looking for markets for the products of the center. Please contact us with any ideas or suggestions. To contact the women’s center directly: tel: (344) 231-4264
Mrs. Qhaem Abady

volunteer work in US
To volunteer in our ongoing work or for specific projects please contact our NY office: tel: (212) 253-9621, e-mail: info@ashiane.org

For financial donations please write your checks to:
Ashiane, Inc.,
722 Broadway #9,
New York, NY 10003