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Ashiane’s office in Tehran is comprised of 2 full time staff and a number of volunteers. The office has assisted more than 130 families over the years and most families are in contact with us today. The families who are not qualified are being referred by our social worker to other agencies that can help them. Ashaine has actively pursued working with other NGO’s to increase its capacity and its exposure especially in the area of job placement for women.

Once a family is qualified their immediate needs are being accessed and prompt decisions are made. The medical, legal and the counseling services are for free by using a network of volunteer doctors, lawyers and our weekly counseling services.

Other services are as follows: interest free loans for business, education and housing.
We have also created some small enterprise for the women to earn income such as packaging dried fruits and Safron.

The small business loans given to many women have changed their lives dramatically. The repayment of the loans has been around 80%.